Once upon a time there was a time lady...

Hi there! I'm The Siren. I'm trying to get used to the name, but it's odd for me. So... call me Exzorena so we can skip the formalities. You can shorten it to Exxy though, if you'd like.

So... I should tell you a bit about myself, shouldn't I? I love tea, music, sweets, and books. I'm a Time Lady as well. Please don't let that scare you off, though. I've travelled with both The Master and The Doctor.

Talk to me? I promise I won't bite.

Please make your questions worthwhile



Exxy smirked and took another long sip of her tea. “What all do you remember?” she asked, brushing a lock of hair from her face. “I’m just curious. Just so I know what to say that won’t confuse you, is all.” 

“…I remember something about a candy shop. And hats.” The Doctor smiled to himself. “Not much, but just little things. The red hair and Irish accent, mostly. We had good times, didn’t we?”

 ”Yeah, we did.” Exxy’s smile softened and her voice took on a reminiscent, almost… tired tone. Like someone who had been lost for a long time and was finally returning home. “Really good times. But, what have you been up to, hm? Keeping out of trouble?”

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    "You and me both." She jumped a bit to the arm that had now snaked around her, but soon relaxed into it. "It’s not her...
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    "Well, I hope it stops soon." He curled an arm around her, hoping to soothe her a little bit. "I know the TARDIS doesn’t...